February 24, 2012

Nikon Eclipse Ti Advanced Inverted Microscope Systems

Microscopes are critical tools for cutting-edge research in biology, medical and pharmaceutical sciences. To satisfy the demands of today’s high-end research, Nikon has developed the new Ti series of microscopes. Combined with NIS-Elements imaging software, the Ti supports diverse image acquisition and analysis methods such as multi-dimensional time-lapse imaging to acquire temporal, spatial and spectral information of fast, dynamic live cell processes. Intelligently designed automation and further expansion of Nikon’s powerful modular approach make the Ti ideal for applications such as High Content Analysis (HCS), and photobleaching/photo activation to study interaction of fluorescence protein molecules in living cells and tissues. Nikon’s exclusive Perfect Focus System (PFS) is now incorporated into the nosepiece unit and allows for the simultaneous use of two separate levels for additional illuminators or detectors. The newly developed “full intensity” phase contrast unit enables acquisition of incredible phase contrast images without the use of light-attenuating phase contrast objectives.

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