March 14, 2016

Lab News


Dr Sulchek was recently pinched by Buzz!


Postdoctoral position in microfluidics and biomechanical cell sorting

A postdoctoral position is available at Georgia Tech in Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering in the group of Todd Sulchek. The Sulchek Group studies the biomechanical properties of cells, tissues and proteins. The objective of this research project is to create and apply a high-throughput microfluidic cell sorting technology that is sensitive to stiffness, size, and/or viscosity. The chip consists of a microchannel with periodical, diagonal constrictions that deform cells as they flow to modify their trajectory in proportion to cell stiffness. The technology will be evaluated to sort a variety of ovarian cancer cells from other healthy cells. The ideal candidate should have strong experimental experience and/or interest in microfluidics and cell technologies. Experience with cell mechanics and atomic force microscopy is a plus. More information about the project can be found in the following publications:

Salary will be determined by experience. Please email with a cv and a brief statement of your interest in this project.


Lin Fan and Dan Potter published an article in RSI and Lin won the SAIC undergraduate student paper competition as a result! Check out the paper in Review of Scientific Instruments.

Dr. Sulchek was recognized with the “2012 CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award“. Visit our classes, including MEMS Fabrication and Capstone, and checkout some of our outreach efforts in conjunction with Dunwoody High School and Project Impact.

Dr. Sulchek was recognized with the “2012 Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty Award” and got to fulfill a childhood desire to visit Lockheed. Saw the C130 line, with the new RR engines with 6 composite propeller blades, and the F35 midsection line. We are happy that students from Capstone ME4182 can contribute to some of these projects!

Craig Forest and I were able to visit the $1Billion dollar Kia Manufacturing Plant in West Point, Ga. We rode around on golf carts and witnessed massive presses stamp out steel body parts, giant robots whirl around metal and zap it from all sides, and lines of men and women assembling the more delicate parts the rate of 1 car every 52 seconds. A wonderful treat.

Jen successfully defends her thesis and marks the first student to graduate from the group. Nicely done, Jen!

Article in the Whistle discussing undergraduate research at Georgia Tech.

Congrats to my Capstone (ME4182) teams!

3 of which were featured in the top 5 in the Spring Expo, team RoboWrapper, which was featured on CNET, and team MDAP which won it all.

Thumbs up to Jen, Kipp, and Dan for their recent publication in Langmuir describing their creation a new form of Janus particle.

Visit Medtronic in Puerto Rico

After presenting at the ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference,  we visited a manufacturing plant of Medtronic, including the clean room where they make the implantable neuropump. Very cool!


03/13 Dr. Sulchek was recognized with the “2012 Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty Award”! We get to fulfill a childhood desire to visit Lockheed!

03/01 Dr. Sulchek was recognized with the “2012 CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award”!

02/10 Dr. Sulchek was recognized with the Petit Institute “Above and Beyond” award.


04/08 Congrats to Caitlin on winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award from Georgia Tech

04/01 Congrats to Dr. Sulchek on winning the National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award


10/25 Congrats to Natalie and Baret on winning the Petit Undergrad Research Scholarship.

10/06~09 Dr. Sulchek, Billy and Patricia attendeded and presented at the BMES 2010 Conference Austin TX

08/30 Dr. Sulchek got PIED! see video

07/21 Congrats to Kipp who recieved the Cell and Tissue Engineering (CTEng) training grant from NIH

06/14 Congrats to Dr. Sulchek, Billy and Patricia whose abstracts were accepted by Biomedical Engineering Society Conference

05/19 Congratulations to BBL on winning the Gates Foundation Grant (see links below)

GaTech Daily Digest:

Gates Foundation Press Release:

05/17 Congrats to Kipp and Damien whose article is accpeted by the “REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS”

Integration of AFM in a microfluidic liquid cell for aqueous imaging and force microscopy

05/12-15 Dr. Sulchek gave an invited talk at the 3rd AFM BioMed Conference, Red Island Croatia

2/09 Kipp and Patricia participate Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference (gtRIC 2010). Kipp is the top 10 finalist of the innovation award.

2/04 Dr. Sulchek is on air with Politely Distruptive Radio (Atlanta AM 1690).

see link:

1/28 Lab website is online.