August 23, 2011


Publications at Georgia Tech

           Year 2022

  1. Kyung Oh Jung, Ashok Joseph Theruvath, Hossein Nejadnik, Anna Liu, Lei Xing, Todd Sulchek, Heike E Daldrup-Link, Guillem Pratx, “Mechanoporation enables rapid and efficient radiolabeling of stem cells for PET imaging” Scientific Reports 12 (1), 1-10 (2022).
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           Year 2021

  1. Jocelyn Loo, Ian Sicher, Ailin Goff, Ockchul Kim, Nicole Clary, Alexander Alexeev, Todd Sulchek, Alla Zamarayeva, Sewoon Han, Miguel Calero-Garcia, “Microfluidic transfection of mRNA into human primary lymphocytes and hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells using ultra-fast physical deformations” Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-11 (2021).
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Year 2020

  1. Mohammadreza Nazemi, Pengfei Ou, Abdulaziz Alabbady, Luke Soule, Alan Liu#, Jun Song, Todd Sulchek, Meilin Liu, Mostafa El-Sayed, “Electro-synthesis of Ammonia using Porous Bimetallic Pd-Ag Nanocatalysts in Liquid and Gas Phase Systems” ACS Catalysis 10 (17), 10197-10206 (2020).
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           Year 2019

  1. Anna Liu, Tong Yu, Katherine Young, Nicholas Stone, Srinivas Hanasoge, Tyler J Kirby, Vikram Varadarajan, Nicholas Colonna, Janet Liu, Abhishek Raj, Jan Lammerding, Alexander Alexeev, Todd Sulchek, “Cell Mechanical and Physiological Behavior in the Regime of Rapid Mechanical Compressions that Lead to Cell Volume Change” Small 1903857 (2019).
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          Year 2018

  1. Renee U Puvvada, Jamie P Wooding, Michael C Bellavia, Emily K McGuinness, Todd A Sulchek, Mark D Losego “Bacterial Growth and Death on Cotton Fabrics Conformally Coated with ZnO Thin Films of Varying Thicknesses via Atomic Layer Deposition” JOM 71 (1), 178-184 (2018)
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    Year 2017

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    Year 2016

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    Year 2015

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    Year 2014

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    Year 2013

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    Year 2012

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    Before Year 2011

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Publication Prior to Georgia Tech

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