March 14, 2016


Multidimensional biomechanical measurement

  • Invasive ovarian cancer cells
  • Nonlinear strain hardening of polymer films
  • Tissue & Protein mechanics

Microfluidic platforms for cell sorting into biomechanical phenotypes

  • Sorting by stiffness
  • Sorting by adhesion
  • Sorting by size
  • Cell sorting by differences of viscoelasticty
  • Cell fractionation for ultra-high sample purity

 Microfluidic platform for cell transfection using volume exchange

  • Delivering nanoparticles
  • Delivering tracer molecules
  • Delivering Cas9 proteins
  • Delivering mRNA

Multifunctional particles for targeting and biological activation

  • Biological Janus particles
  • Particles to activate the immune system

stirling engineInexpensive heat engines for pumping

  • liquid piston Stirling engines
  • Single and Multicylinder engines
  • Flexible engines
  • Solar powered engines
  • High school education

Determining interaction energy wells and adhesion forces

  • Tip hovering by feedback to cantilever dynamics
  • Multivalent interactions in biology and biomedicine

Atomic force microscopy advancement

  • Microfluidic Liquid Cell
  • High-speed AFM imaging
  • High-resolution AFM imaging

Chemical and biological sensors (MEMS)