September 24, 2018

Srinivas Hanasoge


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering- Georgia Institute of Technology –August 2018
M.S. Mechanical Engineering- Rutgers University – 2014
B.E. Mechanical Engineering – Visvesvaraya Technological University, India, 2011



I’m Srinivas, a Postdoctoral Fellow in at Georgia Tech. My work focuses on conceptualization and design of experiments, and fabrication of Bio-MEMS devices. My interests include micro-scale flows, bio-microelectromechanical systems and Lab on a chip devices, fluid dynamics in biological systems, synthetic bio-mimetic systems, viscous flows.

Research Project:

I am currently working on delivering molecules using mechanoporation, stiffness based cell sorting, and designing a cell counter.

For my PhD, I worked towards creating artificial cilia and understanding their mechanics. These hair like micro-structures are useful in a variety of microfluidic devices where active fluid transport is necessary. My work explored the pumping, mixing, particle capture and other transport phenomenon.


Office: 315 Ferst Drive Wing 2A(IBB Building)