February 24, 2012

Patricia Pacheco


Ph.D., BioEngineering Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011

B.S., Mechanical Engineering,  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,  2008



Research Project:


Fc Coated Micro/nanoparticles for Humoral Immune System Modulation


Optimized Immunomodulation Coating Across Various Particle Sizes. Generated a particle uptake “tool box” to model the relation of particle size and immunomodulation coating for macrophage internalization.

Activation of Complement System by Adapting Clinical Assay. Designed experiment to show the first known use of artificial particles to activate the complement system by adapting an existing clinical assay. Used a Monte Carlo simulation, developed in collaboration with another student, to validate relationship between immunomodulatory coating to complement system activation.

Relating Input Magnitude to Downstream Signaling of Macrophage Phenotype. Originated concept and experiment design for integration and correlation of mechanical and chemical signaling for tuning macrophage phenotype.

Priming Macrophages for Increased Processing of Tuberculosis Vaccine. Originated concept and experiment design to show that macrophages primed with immunomodulatory particles will lead to a more efficient adaptive immune response. Coordinated an interdisciplinary group for immunology and biomaterial assays including resources at the CDC and USDA.

List of Publications:

Pacheco, Patricia, David White, and Todd Sulchek. “Effects of microparticle size and Fc density on macrophage phagocytosis.” PLoS One 8.4 (2013): e60989.

Pacheco, Patricia M., et al. “Tunable complement activation by particles with variable size and Fc density.” Nano LIFE 3.02 (2013): 1341001.

Honors and Fellowships:

Chris Ruffin BioE Graduate Student Leadership Award

Bioengineering Program,2014

Women of Distinction – Outstanding Graduate Student

Georgia Institute of Technology ,2013

Goizueta Foundation Fellowship

Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

National Science Foundation, 2010

NIH Georgia Tech Biomaterials Trainee

National Institutes of Health, 2009

Presidential Fellowship

Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009

Distinguished Leadership Award

University of Michigan – College of Engineering, 2008

Executive Board Member of the Year

SHPE University of Michigan Chapter, 2007

Shipman Scholar

University of Michigan, 2004 


email: ppacheco3@gatech.edu