January 18, 2016

Aaron Enten



PhD, Bioengineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Home School – Georgia Tech
MSE, Bioengineering Innovation and Design, Biomedical Engineering Home School – Johns Hopkins University
BS, Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics – Johns Hopkins University


Aaron Enten specializes in medical devices and robotics design and has industry experience with Infinite Biomedical Technologies as a project manager. He is the CSO and a co-founder of Insight Optics, Inc. a medical technology startup. He brings instrumentation, electronics, and programming expertise to the lab for his research in label-free, size-based cell sorting.

Research Project:

Periodic Backflush to Improve Dead-End Filtration for Label-Free, Size-Based Sorting

Dead-end filtration of cellular suspensions is more efficient than crossflow filtration techniques because the filtration membrane is installed perpendicular to a given sample’s flow regime. However, dead-end processing is susceptible to the flaws of membrane fouling and failure. As the fouling layer thickness increases, permeate flux decreases exponentially, asymptotically approaching a minimum flux value. This limits medical treatments and diagnostics for diseases like stroke and Cystic Fibrosis to time-intensive processing systems. The purpose of Mr. Enten’s research is to determine if pulsatile flow with variable duty cycles will reduce fouling and improve permeate flux across dead-end filtration membranes.

List of Publications: 

Enten, Aaron, et al. “A Liquid-Handling Robot for Automated Attachment of Biomolecules to Microbeads.” Journal of laboratory automation (2015): 2211068215601846.

Honors and Fellowships:

President’s Fellowship
TI:GER (Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results) Fellowship
Cell and Tissue Engineering Training Grant (NIH T32)


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Office: 315 Ferst Drive Wing 2A (IBB Building)